Whiskey Fizz – Buzz Club

Whiskey Fizz

Introducing Our Winter Cocktail Series

Whiskey Fizz

Perfect to impress your mates, or treat yourself with on a winter night at home. The cocktails include dark spirits, crisp flavours, and of course Buzz Club mead.
What you’ll need:
Simply Mead, Whiskey, Lemon, Egg White, Honey Syrup, Orange
Also needed, Shaker & Strainer



To a shaker add half an egg white.

Next squeeze in half a lemon, approx 30mL then add 30mL of your favourite whiskey and 20mL of honey syrup.

Next, dry shake (no ice) the mixture for 20 seconds to emulsify the ingredients.

Add ice, and shake again for 10 seconds. 

To a tall glass, pour in 60-100mL of Simply Mead, then slowly pour over the shaker mix. 

Top once more with Simply Mead, and garnish with a slice of orange rind.