Feijoa Marg-Spritz – Buzz Club

Feijoa Marg-Spritz

Introducing Our Winter Cocktail Series

Feijoa Marg-Spritz

Perfect to impress your mates, or treat yourself with on a winter night at home. The cocktails include dark spirits, crisp flavours, and of course Buzz Club mead.
What you’ll need:
Rātā Blossom + Feijoa Mead, Feijoa, Tequila, Cointreau, Lime, Salt



Rim a short glass with lemon or lime, then flaky salt and set aside. 

To a shaker, add 45mL of tequila and 15mL of Cointreau. Squeeze in half a lime (approx 30mL)

For a further sweet and sour complement, scoop in one feijoa.  

Add ice to the shaker, and shake for 20 seconds. 

Fill the glass with ice, and strain over the shaker mixture. Finally, top with Rātā Blossom + Feijoa Mead, and garnish with a Feijoa slice.