Bees Knees – Buzz Club

Bees Knees

Introducing Our Winter Cocktail Series

Bees Knees

Perfect to impress your mates, or treat yourself with on a winter night at home. The cocktails include dark spirits, crisp flavours, and of course Buzz Club mead.
What you’ll need:
Kāmahi Blossom + Lemon Mead, Gin, Honey Syrup, Lemon, Ice, Lavender



To your shaker add 45mL of gin.

Squeeze in half a lemon (approx 30mL), then add 15mL of honey syrup (adjust to your own preference).

Add Ice & shake for 20 seconds. 

 Pour the shaker mix into a short glass.

Top with Kāmahi Blossom + Lemon Mead and garnish with lavender.

 A lovely, long and refreshing drink.