Dark & Stormy – Buzz Club

Dark & Stormy

Introducing Our Winter Cocktail Series

Part 1: Dark & Stormy

Perfect to impress your mates, or treat yourself with on a winter night at home. The cocktails include dark spirits, crisp flavours, and of course Buzz Club mead.
What you’ll need:
Kāmahi Blossom + Lemon Mead, Dark Rum, Lime, Lemon, Ice



In a tall glass add half and lime, sliced. Next, muddle the lime to release the juice. 

Fill the glass with ice, and pour over Kāmahi Blossom + Lemon Mead, roughly 100-120 mL leaving enough room to float the rum on top.

Next, gently layer 45mL of rum on top to create a dark layer (the storm).

Finally, add 5-6 dashes of bitters and garnish with a lime twirl.