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Meet the keeper - Sheri

Sheri Smith Keeps bees at the base of the Cragieburn Range in Canterbury, near Castle Hill Village. 

A very special part of New Zealand full of natives like mānuka, matagouri and forests of Black Beach. Sheri produces a range of native honeys, with her favourite being Honeydew. During the afternoon we got to see a bit of Sheri's day-to-day and chatted about all things bees. Cheers Sheri!



What is the best part of beekeeping?

There are two parts - It’s nice to see the hive grow, expand, and really take off, and it's really cool to get good weights of honey back!... it’s extra good when you sell it.


What is the worst?

Right now, it’s petrol prices hahaha! (The cost of remote beehives). It's not really beekeeping - but it is a killer. About beekeeping itself? I can’t actually think of anything.



What is the weirdest thing about bees?

Everything is weird about them. The strangest thing is that everybody has a job. Well, it's not strange but it’s the best thing I suppose. They all work frantically, and the saddest thing is they work themselves to death in such a short time. 



Finally, what is your Sheffield Pie Shop order?
Flat White, and a Chicken Cranberry and Brie pie.