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I'm Gluten Free. Is Mead For Me?

 If you’re like us and are feeling left out on making your own sourdough, eating dumplings or indulging in a few craft beers - we’ve got some good news for you. 


But first, what is mead? 

Mead is the world's oldest alcohol, with origins dating back to 7000BC. Thought to have initially been discovered in ancient China, mead has been documented all throughout history from Ancient Greece to Viking culture and more. The traditionally styled mead was often referred to as ‘honey wine’ as it was sweet, still and quite high in alcohol. 



Buzz Club has taken a modern approach to the historic drink. The result is a craft-brewed, crisp, dry, carbonated mead that has earnt a seat at the table alongside modern ciders, natural wines and craft beers. 


So, is it Gluten-Free?

At its base, mead is simply made by fermenting honey, water and yeast. While our meads are quite different in style to traditional meads (ours being dry, cold, carbonated and canned), we use the same underlying principles as the Ancient Greeks, mixed with modern brewing techniques. 


This means Buzz Club mead is naturally gluten-free*. 

No barley, wheat, rye or oats. Simply native honey, water and yeast before we add our fruits. Nothing nasty, only the good stuff. 

You may be asking why don’t we share this on our packaging? *Well, Buzz Club is craft-brewed in a brewery (funny that) which also brews beer. While there are no ingredients which contain gluten, and top of the line cleaning is used, a shared facility means it may contain traces - similar to most ciders.

While this is enough for most intolerant people to go ahead with, we know there are some gluten free people who simply can't take any chances. It's something we're aware of. While there is no quick fix, it is in our long term plan to overcome. 

Watch this space.


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